At Chilton Primary School, we have a very comprehensive curriculum that is designed to help children broaden their knowledge and give them the basic skills they need to learn. Our subjects help to challenge the children and to inspire them to become scientists, mathematicians, artists, writers, engineers, doctors, computer scientists etc.

Even for the younger grades, we have programs designed to build a solid foundation and knowledge in different subject lines. We also guide children to develop problem-solving, analytical thinking and creative skills at a very early age.

For every grade class, our teachers concentrate on two major areas. The first is the focus on organizing complex tasks and the latter is their focus on product management within a limited time. We believe that good teachers are able to spark the interest and minds of children to make them want to learn. It is also their job to guide the children on how to overcome challenges, master complex tasks and to be disciplined.

Here, our unique curriculum offers the children the type of learning that is received in top-performing schools around the world in line with Chilton academic appropriations. We offer the type of education that children need to help lead the global economy. Our curriculum is designed to challenge children to become better and knowledgeable.

We have a tested and proven curriculum that we believe meets up to our mission. We believe that when faced with a challenge, students should be able to face it headstrong and not back down into fear or self-doubt. We believe that the purpose of our education is to:

• Challenge themselves by asking questions and seeking the help of their teachers whenever they need support.

• Critically think about how to handle a subject matter.

• Take advantage of opportunities and to reach maximum goals.

How does our curriculum challenge students?

Our curriculum helps the children prepare for a very bright future. We have adopted the practices and principles of top-performing schools around the world. We continue to update our system to make sure that we are following the best and current practices for better learning. Our curriculum is designed to challenge the children from kindergarten to grade 12 since we were established.

Our unique qualities

We choose the subjects that students are to be taught and set our standards. We have teachers who specialize in specific subject areas and are fully knowledgeable in their own area. Our teachers adopt a creative learning approach to engage the children and to yield positive results. We also have subject advisors that are there assist, support and advice the classroom teachers.

Our primary school students are introduced to learning subjects like humanities, science, mathematics, fine arts, and other courses. For instance, our grade 6 to 8 students have already been introduced to subject lines like chemistry, physics, and biology.

We have introduced our key learning concepts and skills to develop the children right from kindergarten class to older classes. We prepare students so they can have advanced knowledge and understanding of these subjects when they get to high school.