Our Primary School offers a very unique system of education Our students are taught how to think for themselves. They don’t just sit down to take in only what their teachers are telling them, they are challenged to discover and find out things by themselves. The students take charge of their education and are guided on how to begin their journey for a better life.

Basic skills

We teach the children how to decide on what their learning goals would be so they can develop a fast learning ability and get to master the basic skills they need to succeed in life. The kindergarten class is thought how to start reading at an early age, to also write and they also learn some mathematics skills.

The much older grade classes learn more about the freedom to work on their own and to determine their learning goals. We motivate the children by rewarding them for their hard work, ability to communicate, achievements and their growth.

Personal development

We strongly believe that there are both social and educational benefits when children of different ages are brought together. The children learn how to create their own studio rules and are taught to hold each other accountable. Kindergarten children learn how to be kind and work as a team.

We incorporate the reading buddies system for the children and other team-related activities like peer mediators and meditation leaders. We believe that with this knowledge and practices, the children can become useful to the community.

Project-based education

We show the children how to use the skills they have acquired in practice by way of interdisciplinary programs. This helps the children connect with real life situations and apply their knowledge to learn how to solve problems. The project-based learning programs are offered for science, business, social studies, and arts subjects.

We don’t just use these real-life projects to enlighten the children we also give them an opportunity to use their mental capacity to tackle difficulties that they may encounter in life.


We offer children a chance to learn more through our discovery workshops to enable the children to explore their curiosity and to help them develop new ideas. The children have the option to pick independent projects, they can travel on field trips, take part in club meetings or they can attend workshops along with their parents or guides.

There is a wide range of topics which the children can learn such as cooking, chess, science, yoga etc. The children can choose to participate in any of the programs to discover what they would like their journey to be.