Time spent in school for learning is usually something to look forward to and we understand how rewarding primary education is to children. It is a very important stage in a child’s life. At Chilton Primary School, we want children to be happy, develop confidence and look forward to every school day.

It is our duty to give them the support they need to reach their full potential and develop their strengths. Here, we encourage children and appreciate them by guiding them to become better. We teach children to develop self-esteem and help them discover themselves.

We encourage parents to take active roles in the school to help children reach a maximum level of learning. Our objective is to build relationships between children. Parents and their teachers to foster positive learning results. At our school, children are guided on basic skills to help them develop their interest and curiosity about certain things. This will, in turn, shape their lives and will make them love learning.

We strive to ensure that every stage of learning will bring a positive change in the life of the children. We also take children outside the regular classroom learning by introducing various outdoor activities to engage them. We have a wide range of sports learning, chess learning and other forms of activities for child development.

We give the children the kind of environment that is comfortable and will yield positive results in their educational growth. If you need your children to get the best education with modern day top-notch facilities, we believe we should be your point of call.

We are confident we have everything children need to build a solid foundation in their education. We understand that primary education is the most important training in a child’s learning process and for that, we strive to give them the best.