One of the major challenges that teachers face is having to hold the attention of a child. It’s not easy to capture the minds of children to pass on an idea or knowledge. To do this effectively, teachers need to become creative. They need to come up with new methods to improve classroom learning and to make it more interesting for children.

Here are some methods that can help the children find learning very interesting:

1. Creativity

You can become creative with teaching by introducing new forms of teaching methods to grab the attention of children. This can be done by using games or any other visual exercise.

This is a method that has stood the test of time and has been very effective. You can add creativity even in core subjects like mathematics, science, and history.

2. Use Audio and Video Materials

Children find it easy to mimic their favourite cartoon character or sing to the songs playing on the radio. This also goes with learning at school. Teachers can introduce the use of audio recordings or videos in addition to their usual textbooks during classes.

This can also be by way of showing movies, playing filmstrips, pictures or other mind capturing tools to teach the children. This method will help them listen and understand what is being taught better.

3. Reality Learning

This type of teaching involves adapting real-life situations to the learning process. Children can learn better by demonstrations in class to support what the textbooks are saying. It will cause them to become curious and more involved in the lesson.

3. Brainstorming

Learning works well if everyone gets to contribute and share ideas in the classroom. It captures every child’s participation in class about what is being discussed. It gives the children a chance to air their voice without feeling insecure about their ideas.

4. Field day

Not every class has to take place in the classroom. You can organise a field trip for children to learn outside the school environment. It’s a way to make children excited and in this mood they are open to learn just about anything. The memory of the time spent outside will also remain in their minds for a long time so anything thought will stick.

5. Role-playing

Another great way of teaching is by role-playing. This method is particularly useful in subject areas like literature and history. It helps children understand the study material better. It can work for any age group.

6. Storytelling

Here a teacher can teach by talking about the subject in a story form. This works especially for history lessons. When you tell a story, it’s hard to forget it. It’s the best way to turn complex matters into simple facts.

7. Open forum for new ideas

Another interesting way children can learn is by allowing them come up with creative ideas and to think of new things. They can come up with a new approach about a topic in class. It gives them the opportunity to explore their imagination and learn how to solve problems.